Is it better to take gabapentin 300mg once at night or break it up 100mg x3 a day - just started

2022.01.19 11:41 rileyanne2 Is it better to take gabapentin 300mg once at night or break it up 100mg x3 a day - just started

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2022.01.19 11:41 BerserkCheeto Do You Actively Appreciate In-Depth Writing in a Webtoon?

I'm currently refining my webtoon's story before getting into the art, and have been putting in a lot more effort than previous attempts at making this iteration as engrossing as possible. Heavy foreshadowing; immersive exposition; natural dialogue; you name it, I'm trying my best to sharpen my skills at them.
All things considered, would all the effort in the writing for a visual-based storytelling method be worth it? Do you, as a casual or semi-casual reader, actively try to pick up on stuff like that? Looking for input :)
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2022.01.19 11:41 Proper-Sock4721 oops 😅

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2022.01.19 11:41 Hiya_Synth 23, Michigan, trans demigirl (they/she) 4 trans men & Non-binary. (single) polyamorous+aspec (asexual spectrum), 420 friendly

Hello! I'm thinking about getting back into dating for what is really the first time since my shell cracked. I would like to find a man or a non-binary partner who is interested in/supportive of polyamory. I am not very highly interested in sex for various reasons, very early into my transition, not on HRT yet though hoping to eventually. Mostly just looking for someone who I can call daily and shoot the shit with who is interested in cuddles, hiking, romance, confronting jealous feelings and facing their negative instincts head-on, and most importantly me. If you're not interested in me it's kinda a deal breaker lol.

I wasn't sure which flair to use since I'm looking for men or non-binary people and there's only one or the other available as options.
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2022.01.19 11:41 enderbrah12 POV: The queen has arrived.

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2022.01.19 11:41 whoabro333 Anyone work for PGE Cali?

Currently a Lineman for NYC. Was offered a good deal to come over there. How is it over there? Cost of living? work load? overtime?
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2022.01.19 11:41 NerdLiftSleepRepeat Why are sci-fi/space combat ships part of the 'Navy and not 'Air Force'?

I mean I think I get it... The nomenclature, the organization seems like it fits. But also don't you need water for a 'Navy'? What would a space submarine look like? I guess there isn't air in space either.... so...??
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2022.01.19 11:41 dreamer-x2 Guys of the subreddit, what do you normally wear to lounge around at home?

I’m asking because I’m curious if it’s normal for men to be shirtless or shorts at home in our culture, or if it’s considered an obnoxious thing to do?
My father mostly wears an undershirt (half sleeved) and sweat pants when indoors, but he was a government officer so he has his own ideas of what to wear and where.
I usually wear a t-shirt or other athleisure wear, if not shalwar kameez. What about you guys?
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2022.01.19 11:41 TC19962022 Conservatives accuse Statistics Canada of keeping Consumer Price Index ‘artificially low’ at first Finance hearing on inflation

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2022.01.19 11:41 whatadike Please God stop me from feeling Love.

I have this heavy feeling of sentiment and nostalgia this morning. I hate it.
I can't have him. I'll never have him. And I think it's so incredibly stupid that I love people. Like... Why? Why do I love certain people to the point where I need them? I need them for them, y'know? Why can't I just move on. It's so stupid.

I TRIED listening to angry music and stuff that doesn't make me feel this love for him. I just doesn't go away. I'm so tired of waking up and thinking he's gonna be here and there's gonna be a chance. THERE WILL NEVER BE THAT CHANCE AND HE WILL NEVER BE IN MY ARMS AGAIN! GOD SOMEONE PLEASE RIP MY FUCKING HEART OUT!
i want him
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2022.01.19 11:41 Fun_Delivery_8531 Will Hillary make this about her?

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2022.01.19 11:41 TimmyTheDragon Trolling a Chinese lib from chong lang TV and he said something that actually being based accidentally.
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2022.01.19 11:41 user18576 I’m in a relapse and my partner is threatening to leave me if I fully relapse

Hi. I’m f(21) my partner is nb(20). We’ve been together for 2 years and living together during this time. When I met my partner I was in another relapse. I had confided in them about my anorexia and they took it upon themselves to make food for me constantly and sit with me through eating. I wasn’t ready to recover. They held me while I cried and hated the wonderful food they made me. Held me through lying about my intake. Still to this day they try to control what I eat after this. I can see why they’re reacting this way. They left me to do ldr with them for an internship. I was so excited and proud of them!! I still am. But I was never ready to recover. My brain has been taking this time to “get hot”. They were scared to leave me because they were worried I’d relapse. I feel horrible but I can’t control it right now. My brain is convinced I need to “get hot” I compare my body to everyone around them and I convince myself that if I’m skinnier and they leave me they’ll regret leaving me. My partner and I have shared finances and a family together and logically I know they’re not leaving but I can’t shed it. I have to be better. Be skinnier. When they left I got a scale. I fucked up pretty bad. I’ve dropped a lot of weights within the two weeks they’ve been gone. Talking to our couples therapist she said I need to understand this is their boundary for me. Sara cannot watch me do this again. I have ocd, bipolar, bpd, and anorexia. My mix of mental health problems had been really rough since my partner left. I slightly came clean to my partner about my ED thoughts to start the 12 steps and admit my problem knowing their boundary was I can’t keep doing this. Still I haven’t told my therapist or anyone I’ve been dropping weight. I see my partner this upcoming week and I feel guilty for my relapse. Last night I ate so much at a friends house resulting in some gain. I am struggling. I don’t know how to recover for me. I don’t want to. The competition in my head is so strong. My ed has made my ocd so much quieter. It’s been the most safe I’ve felt in my own head for a while. Choosing my ED or my partner is giving me a significant amount of stress. I don’t know why I can’t stop. I’m so ashamed. I don’t know if I can recover right now. But the thought of losing my partner would kill me. I ate last night and the feeling is suffocating. The feelings are back. The sadness, fear, medical ocd, depression. I don’t understand why people can’t let me live. I deserve love even if I can’t recover right now. Does anyone else understand this turmoil? What helps? I can’t hurt my partner with this. I don’t want to. I’m an addict though.
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2022.01.19 11:41 GypsyAtHeart09 It hurts

I pretend it doesn’t hurt. I pretend I don’t sit in tiny rooms with tears streaming down my face. Hiding because the world won’t understand. Take a deep breath, get yourself together. But inside I’m breaking. You finally broke past the hardened shell I wear for society. Once you said those fateful words, my facade came crashing down around me. So now I sit here a crumpled mess on the floor, hand placed over mouth, screaming into the abyss. Friends ask about plans to move on, make you regret your choice. But all I regret is letting you in.
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2022.01.19 11:41 Megabyte117 [H] 40k Hexfire Thousand Sons half [W] Grey Knights, Space Marines, Sylvaneth, $$ [Loc] MD, USA

Hey all,
I purchased Hexfire some months ago and ambitiously thought to build and paint both sides, however I'm very busy at the moment with other priorities, so I'm looking to trade or sell the Thousand Sons half of the box.
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2022.01.19 11:41 dienopride adhd? xD

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2022.01.19 11:41 dienopride adhd? xD

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2022.01.19 11:41 MasterErend Horizon Forbidden West | Story Trailer

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2022.01.19 11:41 iamkristiegaming [LF] Shino or Raymond [FT] NMTs or Wishlist

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2022.01.19 11:41 justanotherlawschool Congratulations to everyone else getting into NYU today though!

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2022.01.19 11:41 TheRize77 What animal could this be??

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2022.01.19 11:41 Virtual-Worker922 Lawyer Reacts: Are Chandler Halderson's Defense Attorneys Inadequate?

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2022.01.19 11:41 redit202 At 21, you're receiving all the wealth that's due to you, /r/reditsubs. Daily Bethea Astrology - January 18, 2022

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2022.01.19 11:41 bucket--bot perhaps

ween song about 2.5k and games I have a better than they will give it was colonized by britain if it if it as we have a glass of a sub. cool
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2022.01.19 11:41 Mumzthawerd How is the stock still falling like a rock with all the good news?

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