Book recommendations abt autism?

2021.11.28 01:43 GreDamaso Book recommendations abt autism?

Hi, I'm suspecting I might be on the spectrum and wish I could learn a little more about it. I want to go deeper than simplistic websites or internet basic tests. I do intend to go to a specialist but I'd like to know better about being neurodivergent to see how much I feel I relate to it.
I'd like to know what books do you guys suggest for learning more about autism, specially for someone who was never diagnosed but might be.
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2021.11.28 01:43 Bueller_Bueller16 Picking a Name?

I hate my name. I'm looking into asking people to call me by a new name. I want to use "Bueller", but when I hear that, my brain doesn't perk up with the "oh, that's me" feeling that my deadname still gives. Is this just one of those things where using that name enough will make my brain perk up with the "oh, that's me" feeling? Should I try out a names until I find one that makes my brain say "oh, that's me"?
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2021.11.28 01:43 icannotthinkit NYE parties

Suggestions for good NYE parties, and private parties that I can get invites to.
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2021.11.28 01:43 The_agnesg Saturday night at home!

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2021.11.28 01:42 fog_girl Omg that’s her song!!! Lmao

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2021.11.28 01:42 nhgcr_222 Blue Sus

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2021.11.28 01:42 Fuerzacode help with label and button

I have a button that I'm trying to make behave like a file browser action.

Goal is the user clicks the button and it open the file browser action. Right now this mostly works but I can see the label under the button i want the label to be invisible and cover the whole button. Currently, I have to click the very bottom of the button in order for this to work as I want it to.. can someone help me make it so when I click the button no matter where on the button; it behaves in the desired way? thanks