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I’ve never had such a contract, and I understand that at some level it is a contract, but how bad could the repercussions be? You could just tell them to come pick up the cable box from your house and that you will no longer be paying your bill.
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I have someone who is interested trading a new 6900xt for a 3080 straight swab. I have a Asus strix 3080 coming in a prebuild I was thinking of trading for the 6900xt. Would you do it? I was going to be running it with a Dell 165hz 1440p monitor with a Intel I9 12900k.
What would you do?
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2021.11.28 03:10 Lilnuggie17 What is the best kind of prorevenge to get back on someone

So this ex friend is mean so I decided to date her boyfriend then we go to her house when she’s not home do the nasty in her bed closet and shower and her car keep in mind she’s on a family trip then we do it I video tapped it then I edited myself out and put her in there I decided to leak her tape some how without getting caught it was awesome best revenge ever
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Hey y'all. Looking for any and all training recommendations to get ready for my first trifecta next year. I know there's a training wiki -- I'm not looking for specific weightlifting workouts or running tips, but more so just curious to know if others have used exercise bikes in the past to get into good shape for a race or improve your cardio?
I picked up a Bowflex exercise bike the other day and am planning on doing a few days of cycling mixed with a few days of free weight lifting in my home gym. Should I be going for short, high intensity workouts? Longesustained medium intensity rides?
Doing the Atlanta Sprint and Super at the end of March and still TBD where/when I'll do my Beast. Ran the Beast this year in Dallas and have done a Sprint in Breckenridge a few years back, so familiar with the structure of the race, but trying to fine tune and make a strong push for better times.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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It was exams week, and Marcus was exhausted. It was the fifth day of the workweek, with one day of class left until the weekend. That would begin the week of the break, which he would be using to travel with Co’lo and his fellow dilendon into The Great Green.
His Computer Science exam was the easiest one. He had to create a program to fulfill a specific function, using a basic computation unit and a robotic hand with (of course) four fingers. Before the exam was halfway done, he had his virtual setup performing the task admirably. He finished cleaning up the code, compiled it, and forwarded it to his teacher. Pikte, a balaseynu, read the lines of code, nodded, then processed it into the test unit. It performed its task and, with traditional human flair, gave a ‘thumbs-up’ at the end. Flying colors attained, he was allowed to leave class early.
The Astronomy exam was on a different level of difficulty. He spent his time pouring over his notes, calculating trajectories through space, plotting relative points and relative speed between them, and estimating travel time between different moving points. He had noted before that figuring out orbital trajectories was one thing when you were on a (relatively) static point, but with everything moving out in space, the required math was alot harder. Fortunately, he didn’t need to focus on the ‘new’ math; he was able to convert into terrestrial symbols, do the work there, then bring it back over into the format that they wanted in base-16, ‘common’ math. Professor Adelkiste, a pfkaila, gave his look a cursory look, nodded at him, then added it to the pile of exam papers. A few hours later, he heard that he had passed. A list of the few things that he had gotten wrong was sent to him so that he could add it to his notes.
Physics was, relatively speaking, fairly standard. The majority of it was taking aspects of physics that he was already familiar with from Earth and appending them into the format that they wanted. While the ‘translation’ was difficult, the work wasn’t. When he finally handed it in, Professor Nyknylin, a particularly tall wendele, graded it while he stood there waiting. He received a more-than-passing mark, her accolades, her permission to leave the class, and her hopes for a good vacation.
Co-Relations didn’t have a final exam, but they did have to do small presentations on what they found to be interesting aspects of the cultures of everyone else in the room. For humans, Marcus had made his information database available to everyone else in the class, so that they could prepare their own reports. Orntont was still hyper-focused on chess, and made that the main aspect of her discussion of Earth. The omoringo did their own research on the HUD internal computer system and did a small presentation on that. Skyss did a report on terrestrial martial arts - especially judo, which seemed to him particularly painful in the increased gravity. Ro and Ista did a report together; Ro focused on why earthlings couldn’t use magic, while Ista focused on ways that humans may have used it in the past. Nip focused on one small plot of land and the wildlife that lived there: Australia. Co’lo decided to do his report on the Star Wars (original) trilogy, with emphasis on Return of the Jedi.
Bob did a very factual presentation on the human digestion system. It was dry, even if the subject matter wasn’t.
Marcus’ reports on his classmates were short stories of rewritten history from each of the other species. Except for Bob, of course; in deference to his people’s restrictions, they agreed ahead of time to not write about the Xylus or make suppositions about their culture. Everyone ‘passed’, though there wasn’t an official grade associated with it.
The Mathematics exam was…grueling. It covered every single aspect of what the class had touched on. Marcus had sweated through the whole thing. If Professor Asporamikaso hadn’t allowed them to use their notes, he had no doubt that he would barely have passed. As it was, he only got two questions wrong. With a murmur of her approval, he was given permission to leave and a note that she was looking forward to seeing him again after the break.
Self-Defense wasn’t graded directly, much like with Co-Relations. However, there was an obstacle course for the first half, and a combat tourney in the second half. Marcus was in good shape, for a human, and the reduced gravity did help him master different challenges. The running was the easiest; noone else had evolved from a persistence hunter, so while he wasn’t the fastest, he had definitely run the longest. He came in second in the obstacle course and third in the tourney (bad footwork caused his leg to get swept out from under him by Ro).
The day was done. Between the mental endurance challenge of his Math exam and the physical trial of his Self-Defense final, he was beat. Marcus staggered back to his dorm. Bob had signed out early for the vacation, since he didn’t have a self-defense requirement and he had already passed his other exams with flying colors. When the door to his room opened, he just dropped his bag, let the door close behind him, and fell into the quickly-appearing bed. He got halfway through a thought about grabbing dinner after a nap when the stalking exhaustion finally leapt and pulled him into sleep.

He didn’t wake up an hour later when the luminosity in the room shifted.
He didn’t wake up to the hushed whispers and motions for silence.
He did wake up when a hand clamped over his mouth.
And he was definitely awake when a knife edge touched his throat.
The room was still in its dusk lighting, but he could make out the two wendele in the half dark. They were both wearing black, with masks over their faces. One of them was on top of him, hand on mouth and knife at throat; the other was near the door.
“Move and you die faster,” said the wendele on top of him. He couldn’t tell which was which, but he recognized the voice of the wendele that had been in his Self-Defense class several weeks ago.
Marcus’ eyes focused on the huge wendele eyes in front of him, but he did everything he could to relax his body. He gripped the blanket underneath him and tried to keep calm.
“This is what you get for making fools of your betters, you tiny ape,” the wendele on top of him said. “You made us look like idiots in front of the entire class. The whole school found out about it. And the ball.”
“And when our parents found out, they told us that we had to make things right. Restore our names. Our wings’ prides were at stake,” the one near the door said, darkly.
“So when morning comes, security is going to get an anonymous tip about a body in one of the rooms.” The one on top of him smiled broadly. “Your body’s going to be found right here. In a pool of your own blood, your hand on the blade.”
“Security footage is being wiped out as we speak. It was expensive, and I had to burn more than a few favors to get it, but the sensor logs’ll be clean. We’ll set your terminal here to make it look like you did it.” The one near the door went to the wall terminal.
Marcus blinked. That gave him an idea. He quickly Intoned several commands to his computer.
“It’ll keep your monkey friends from getting off their rock for an extra couple years. So what if they flap up a fuss about you dead? They can’t get out here to do anything about it.” The knife pressed harder into his throat. “You’re all alone out here. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”
He made a small inquiring sound into the hand over his mouth.
The wendele froze. In a second, both of the wendele were hovering over him. “What’s that? You want to beg for your life? It’ll do you no good.”
“But you know, I’d kinda like to hear it.” The one with the knife had a wild look in his eye.
“What if he calls for help?”
“How? The walls are too thick for that. Noone’ll hear him. I’m gonna let him say his last words.”
The knife pressed even harder into his throat, but the hand covering his mouth moved slowly away from his lips. Marcus licked his lips and met the eyes of his captors.
“So, what is it you want to say, little monkey?” The grin was almost maniacal.
“Just this. Gravity panels to Earth norm.
In a fraction of a second, the pair of wendele suddenly weighed three times what they normally did. Surprised, unable to control anything, they crashed to the floor in a jumble.
Marcus rubbed his throat, making sure that the knife edge hadn’t actually cut him. He looked down to see the two wendele struggling, trying to right themselves, twisting over each other so that they were both flat on the ground. As soon as they weren’t twisted and locked with each other, their eyes focused on him on the bed, and wouldn’t look away. One of them groaned under the pressure.
“You know, I didn’t have to say that out loud. It was really just for effect.”
Marcus stretched, then bounced out of bed. His new rugs looked shocked at the show of power, but had no strength other than to groan again. Marcus Intoned the lights to full power, set his cameras to save a recording of what had happened and what was said, and requested Security to his dorm immediately, due to an attempted murder.
As the lights in the room came on, the two wendele heard distant alarms. They shifted as if trying to get up, but were unable to do so. Marcus stepped over the two bodies and walked over to a mirror to check his throat. There was an angry red line, but it hadn’t cut him.
“Pretty impressive, pretty impressive,” he said out loud, focused on his reflection. “Overriding the security on the door wasn’t easy. Did you have help on that too? Your contact that you called in a favor from? Well, sorry to tell you, but I don’t keep my security files on the local system. I back up to my own drive, the one my government gave me before I came out here.” He stretched his neck from one side to the other. “And even if you two were somehow more than halfway competent at this kind of thing, there’s noone on this entire planet that could crack NAC encryption.
He turned to the two intruders. His heart was calming down from its previous race, but he put on a wide smile. “You know, the last time we met, you two were stretched out on the floor too. I rather like seeing you there. But, I think it’s time to tie you both up.”
They were grunting in pain and frustration. The one he recognized in the light as Stosys was still clasping the wicked-looking dagger as if he could leap up and slit the human’s throat. Marcus stripped his sheets off of the bed, batted the dagger away with a pillow, and tied them up with the sheets as tightly as he could.
“Sorry about the surprise. Ever since I started having friends over, I’ve been keeping the room’s gravity panels off until I go to sleep. I’ve been forgetting to turn them on more and more often. It’s funny how your local gravity affects your dreams. When your body is weighing less on you, your mind really travels. I’ve had more dreams that I was flying in the last two weeks than I’ve had in my entire life.”
He glanced at the two on the floor. “Not that you two know about flying, of course. For all that you pick on the wona, you can’t get your asses off the ground.”
“Go…to hell, you…monkey,” Astarsis grunted, fighting his rib cage to let enough air in to let him make his insult.
Marcus shrugged and deactivated the gravity panels. “Well, I can respect the fact that you’re putting on a brave face through all of this. After all…”
There was a sound of pounding feet outside the door. “…I have a feeling that this isn’t going to end well for either of you,” Marcus said as his door opened and security rushed in.

The investigation was swift. The pair was friends of friends of friends of Skyss, and someone had planted a small electronic device on him before one of the Movie Nights. That gave them access to Marcus' security codes, eventually. They had paid off a set of people on the security team to keep things hush-hush, individuals whose careers had suddenly ended with the failure of the operation and whose prison sentences were looming close.
The video evidence that Marcus was able to provide to security was immediately played and uploaded to the security server. City law enforcement was called in. They reviewed the information, took statements from all involved (these dilendon had never seen a human before; they had alot of questions), and contacted their justice department to get a summary sentencing. Equipment that sampled body metrics acted as a lie detector; the two were tested and found that they acknowledged guilt, even if they didn’t do so vocally. Before the panicked pair had left the room (in proper restraints), they were being given prison sentences of more than a decade each.
“Officer, it’s agreed that I am the injured party here, correct?” Marcus asked.
The dilendon in charge tipped his head to the side. “Yes, but emotional involvement would not allow you to affect the course of their sentencing. It’s believed that -“
“Oh, no, I’m alright with that. My question is in a different direction.”
“Alright, what is it?”
He pointed to the two bound and shackled wendele, the fear for their future battling against their hate for the human in front of them. “Those two tried to kill me. There’s no doubt about that.”
“That’s correct. Confirmed by video evidence and the testimony of the two ‘guards’.”
“And my actions caused them to fail.”
“True. If it wasn’t for your quick thinking, they might have succeeded. And if you didn’t have the data backed up, we might not have known about it.”
“Then I think it’s fair to say that this is a spoil of war,” Marcus finished, holding up the wickedly curved knife.”
The dilendon officer frowned and thought. He turned back to look at the two bound wendele, who had already tried to take cover behind the power of the names of their wings. The officer nodded and turned back to the human.
“That seems fair to me. That which they tried to use to kill you is now yours. There’s justice in that. It’s a bit medieval, but so is murder, I’d say.”
“Thank you, sir.” After a quick explanation of what it meant, he shook hands with the dilendon, who accepted the motion gratefully and with a great deal of interest, and then a look of focus.
“I must say, you’re taking this incredibly calmly. These two were a twig’s thickness from killing you, and you’re staking claims and making jokes.”
“Oh, that,” Marcus said, letting a bit of the hysteria seep into his voice. “That’s adrenaline. Humans have an evolutionarily developed fight-or-flight responce that generates a chemical in our bodies. Heart races, strength increases, time kinda slows down. It’s saved countless lives. It’s a hell of a rush, until the crash.”
His eyes widened. “Crash?”
“Well, the stress has to end at some point. Once the adrenaline runs out, I’ll be a shivering mess for a bit while everything catches up with me. Then I’ll go get dinner.” His eye twitched. “You guys just about done here?”
“Yes, yes, we’ll be right out.” He spun, whistled, and motioned everyone out. “We’ll be in touch early tomorrow, student Marcus Cullen. We’ll assign a counselor to you -“
“I doubt it’ll be necessary, but we’ll see how this playzz out,” Marcus said, interrupting, escorting them all out the door, feeling his voice hitch a little bit. “Keep their name handy, I’ll let you know. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight.” The door closed.
And Marcus staggered over to his bed, pulled his blanket around him, and had a good cry.

“I would like to feel your gravity. Please let me try.”
Marcus’ eyebrow went up. “I mean, as long as we do it safely; sure, Orntont. Uhh…you can start out laying down, then I can turn it on, and you can try getting up?”
The silantis nodded. “That will be good. Tonight we will do it, before the interview?”
“Sure, that sounds fine to m-“
“How are you two talking about interviews and gravity and such when Marcus almost got himself killed?” Ista shouted. Co’lo’s eyes were huge as he nodded fiercely along to her words, his mouth too full to speak.
“I mean, she’s not wrong, ‘dude’,” Nip said, his back wriggling into what his people used as a shrug. The balaseynu had done more research on Earth and had discovered the honorific term ‘dude’, and fell in love with it. “It’s pretty strange that we’re all just sitting here, after someone just tried to…” He ran a furred finger across his throat with an apologetic look on his face.
“I’m not saying she is - I mean, no, you’re right, Ista, but…” Marcus shrugged. “What is there to do? It’s over and done with. I’m okay, they’re going to jail, the people that helped them are going to jail, and most importantly, I am okay. Right now, I just want to eat, do my interview with Orntont, and get some sleep. Tomorrow morning, I take my Magic exam, and before noon, I’ll be on my way to The Great Green with Co’lo and his bro’s.” He looked at the dilendon eating across the table from him and saw a way to shift the conversation from his thwarted death. “By the way, you never really told me what the green is.”
“And you haven’t seen it yourself?”
Marcus shook his head. “I mean, I heard about it in passing, how there are towns and cities out there, but…I haven’t seen it myself. I came in through galactic mass transit, whatever that is. Didn’t see it from space. Haven’t looked it up because…well, there’s been so much to do, it’s kinda been put on a back burner.”
Co’lo grinned. “Then you’ll get your first impression of it when you see it for yourself tomorrow. It’s going to be great!”
Marcus looked over at Skyss, who had his head down over his food plate. “Dude, are you alright?” Marcus asked him. “You haven’t said a thing all night.”
The wendele looked up, looked at him. His large, expressive eyes held alot of regret. “I swear, I didn’t know. I didn’t have anything to do with them. I didn’t know that they put a tracker on me. I -“
“Lemme stop you right there, my guy,” Marcus said, with some force in his voice. It quieted Skyss immediately. “You are not responsible for those dicks. I don’t care if they share your species; I don’t care if they share your wing, I don’t care if they share your mother. You are not responsible for them.”
“I know, it’s kinda…just…” Skyss put his head back down. “I still feel bad, though.”
“Not gonna lie, dude; you were just a little insufferable when we first met. You had that pride on that those guys have too. But once we all got to know you - and once you got to know us - that changed fast. I’ve seen you defending Ista to some of the other wendele. That’s not common for you guys, is it?”
Skyss mumbled, “It’s not like that. She just didn’t deserve that slice from anybody, and they listen to me. So -“
“See? You’re doing the right thing. You’re not focused on your wing and your pride and your ambitions, you’re focused on what’s right.” Marcus held out his hand, fingers clenched. “Fistbump. Sign of brotherhood among humans. Don’t leave me hangin’.”
The wendele smiled and reciprocated.

“Hello again, everyone, it’s your boy Marcus Cullen, and I’m coming to you from the planet Nys, at the school where we learn how to build spaceships. Like-Comment-Subscribe-RingTheBell - and if you know what that means, then you’ve been in the old video stores again. Today, I’m doing an interview with Orntont, one of my classmates. She’s a silantis. Orntont, anything you’d like to say to those watching before we begin?”
“Hello. I am Orntont. I will be a weapons officer on a ship. I like your chess very much.”
“First off, everyone here must notice how tall you are. I mean, I only just come up to your waist. Are you normal height for a silantis?”
“No. I am tall. I am a head taller than most people at home.”
“So, tell me what it’s like at your home.”
“Our sun is very red. Our gravity is strong, but not as strong as Earth. But I learned that I could stand on Earth if I had to.”
“It wasn’t easy, but you did manage to get to your feet, that’s true. What else is it like where you’re from? What do your people like to do?”
“We like to fight.”
“Okay…anything else?”
“We like to fight.”
“You must be very good at it.”
“Not as good as you, maybe. You beat me first.”
“Ah, Orntont is talking about a little sparring we were doing in one of our classes. I did win, true, but like I said, I had a couple advantages on you at the time. Now that you’ve seen me fight, you’d do alot better now.”
“I have been studying your fighting on Earth. You have many ways to fight. I like that alot.”
“Now, folks, looking at her, I know that your initial impression is, ‘Wow, she looks like that character from Star Trek’. But when you get to know her - and, I guess, other silantis - there’re some good differences there. They’re more like intelligent komodo dragons. Their eyes are a good bit smaller. They have a muscular tail. And they’re covered in a layer of fine scales.”
“The scales are important. One’s scales show one’s shine.”
“You’ve mentioned shine in the past. What do you mean by that?”
“We can polish our bodies so that our scales shine in the light. We can also polish our minds and our actions so that our names shine in the light.”
“Okay, it’s an honor system. I think some of my people also call that ‘face’, the honor that you live by.”
“Yes, that sounds good. You can see once’s face, but it is more than the face. It is the actions in the person that put pride in the face. It is the actions that put pride in your shine.”
“And if your people like to fight, does how well you fight affect your shine?”
“Being a good fighter will give you shine. But fighting well, with a good heart, is better.”
“Sounds like a chivalric code. Understood, understood. So, you fight alot, but you try to be noble fighters. But fighting amongst yourselves isn’t always noble, what do you do?”
“We have tourneys. We have competitions. We train, we teach. And we fight for others. We are often paid well to fight for others.”
“Like mercenaries?”
“Your word for that has dull implications. It is more that, if you have a good cause, we will permit you to pay us to fight for you.”
“Remind me to play ‘The Seven Samurai’ the next movie night. I think you’ll like it.”
“I will remind you. Also, some with no shine try to take shine from others, sometimes.”
“Oh…so, those without honor will try to…okay, they try to provoke you or something? Into fighting, so you lose your shine?”
“Yes. It does not often work. If you have shine, you can see the dullness in others, and you will not dull yourself.”
“So, you don’t really respond to insults to your pride or shine.”
“If someone has no shine, their words have no power. I will not let powerless words dull me.”
“That makes alot of sense. So, back to the topic. Where do people live on your planet? Is it like here?”
“No and yes. We have cities, but reversed.”
“What do you mean, reversed?”
“Here, the buildings are up. On Silanti, the buildings go down. Under.”
“Your cities are underground? That’s amazing! How t…no, tallness is…well, I guess you’d judge it the same. How…tall? Do your buildings get?”
“Hard to say. Under ground, you can spread out, like a tree root. Go down, but go out. But there are millions of people there.”
“What do you do on the surface? Is it suitable for life?”
“Very. But not for us. We farm on the surface, bring the food down to where we live.”
“That’s so cool. What do you like to eat?”
“We eat meat.”
“Right; you’re not obligate carnivores, but you’re almost exclusively carnivore.”
“We can eat mushrooms if we want. Not as good to eat, but they work.”
“And being underground, you must be able to grow them really well.”
“Man, I should have asked the omoringo twins what their planet was like. This is amazing, Orntont. Well, we’re coming to the end of the interview for now. We might do another one later, if anyone at home has more questions. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we sign off?”
“I have seen many things of your people. Many of you shine strongly. Marcus shines very strongly. Thank you for chess.”
“Right, that’s…okay, that’s all from us today. Thanks for watching, Marcus Cullen shining off.”

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2021.11.28 03:10 joseph_dewey My thicker yarn is getting stuck

I'm trying out a new brand of yarn, and it's a little visibly thicker than the yarn I was using, but it gets stuck a lot. Both my old and new yarn are 3-ply acrylic. (I think they're 3 ply, since I can take each piece apart into 3 mini-yarns.
Does anyone have tips so that I can use this new brand of yarn, so it doesn't get stuck? It just won't completely pull through the latch hook, about 70% of the time. And then I have to take out my hook, and pull the two ends of the yarn through myself, one at a time. I'm using a pretty cheap, plastic handled latch hook, and also some pretty cheap canvas.
Thanks in advance for any advice on what I can do.
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2021.11.28 03:10 Itz_teddyy Which aot youtooz did you guys cop

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2021.11.28 03:10 KingTurd444 Tell us your sad stories

Just picked this game back up on ps4 after playing it for a bit on PC.
Started the game off with a male ape named Na, and i had 2 kids named Ja and Ig.
I decided to birth another female ape named Biw, and we had a child. I took my child on some wild adventures and we discovered a lot of places, a lot of things were learned.
On our way back to our first settlement, a huge snake ended up attacking Na. I missed the dodge, and Na was instantly killed. His newborn son was also instantly killed by a panther.
Now Biw is left alone as a widow, as well as the original mother of the two sons Ja and Ig.
Now one of the other males are taking care of Ja and Ig, because he is the only strong male left.
Sad, sad
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2021.11.28 03:10 LennyBuoyLmao Be a virgin is cool

Sex? Nah, there's something more interesting than this, and you even have the chance of get a disease or be a dad/mom too early (condoms fail sometimes)
I will just take a nap while some random person out there is being diagnosed with chlamydia
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