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Too good not to Pimp, here's to the week ahead...

2021.11.28 02:09 theretortsonthisguy Too good not to Pimp, here's to the week ahead...

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2021.11.28 02:09 boobscadoob Sick and TIRED of server errors...

I've been farming Hell Countess for over 2 weeks trying to get a Lem Rune for Treachery...... I finally just gave up and decided to continue through the game on Hell with no Lem drop. By the best of luck I get a LO rune drop at the Great Marsh 2 hours in to playing. Fuck YES Fortitude! I got so excited I rushed at the LO rune but got surrounded by these huge ass Ent trees that are so damn tanky I die. I swore I picked up the Lo rune and as I'm rushing back to by body I disconnect... No problem right? My body will be one the floor after and Lo rune in my inventory.. great trade off... Nope somehow this one time I have everything equip, all my money and no Lo rune. So sick and tired of these server issue I literally think I'm not going to play for a long time. Is this just an Xbox issue? I feel like I put so much time in to this and always something goes wrong.
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2021.11.28 02:09 kevabreu Do you have insurance for your Fold 3?

Just seeing how many tmo users have their Fold 3 insured and if so, which company.
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2021.11.28 02:09 grootisdunwithu doll repairs

does anyone know how to repair sweet 1600 draculara’s hair? she’s a little rough and i cannot find any tutorials online!
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2021.11.28 02:09 EnvironmentalAd4380 Kohaku matchup

This is the most salty I've ever been in a fighting game. My friend mains Kohaku and I want to fucking uninstall playing against this damn character. I've never been so frustrated playing against a fighting game character.
Just give me the character with the best match up against this damned maid and some tips on how I can not suck at this game.
Also how do I mute Kohaku only plz, every time I get hit and I have to hear her voice I'm going to have to mute this game.
I'm so god damned salty rn. And I fucking suck. Send help plz.
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2021.11.28 02:09 KanpaiMagpie Disappointed at teachers and other hagwons as hagwon boss!

So yes the title is click bait but hear me out first. First the short summary: Worked hard to do R&D to build a hagwon over 6 years, hired new hires with low experience and gave them a chance, 2 of them stole stole my work quit to open a hagwon next to my hagwon which is right in front of my apartment while they live far away. Then continued to disrespect my family and my mother in law.
IF you are still with me here is the whole story if you are interested.
I am a foreigner in Korea. I started out as a regular teacher and worked my way up, to head teacher, then started doing manager's job through 11 years. I had horrible experiences with hagwons in the pass because my bosses were stealing from employees, including me, and outright gave really bad working incentives to all the teachers, Korean or foreigners. They over worked my wife until 1am - 2am 7 days a week. We were so miserable.
So we vowed to open our own school. We started in my own apartment, slept on the floor because we started to get many students (60 in an apartment) and we gave up our bedroom for a year to make it into a classroom. We gave up our wedding ceremony so that we can save money to move into a commercial space to officially open our school, it was our dream. My wife and I did a lot of R&D from scratch. everything was made from the ground up, our whole system and books. I've typed up thousands of pages of workbooks literally. We became well known in the area for being different cause we fed our kids when they were hungry from all their hagwons and genuinely cared for them. We genuinely cared for teachers too. They got paid 2.6 and upwards with full benefits that covered even their whole family. Gave less classes, at max 3 1/2 hours of teaching time a day with only max 8 kids in a class. We figured hey teachers have a hard life lets, make it better.
Does any of this sound unfair? When teachers made mistakes, it was okay, as long as they grew from it. We gave them 25 to 30 days off a year in vacation time too. Twice a year summer and winter 9 day holidays to travel.
So it pains me to say I made the mistake of hiring greedy people. At first they were our friends, a 26 year old woman with no experience and a 39 year old guy who had failed the national teaching certification exam, but was passionate. Then 2 of them started dating, I didn't mind, that's life love happens. They started hanging out late nights and came into work tired and hung over. Their life can do what they want on their off time, but they weren't doing their work well. Parents complained I had a talk. They got angry at us for saying they weren't doing their jobs. They decided to get married and quit. Well before they quit, the guy slacked more on his work and just let the kids run around. On weekends he took our students out without our knowledge or the kids parents knowledge to go eat pizza. Then gave out his business card and told them "If you miss me come join my school, but don't tell directors". We knew something was up. We had another 26 year old teacher who was friends with he girl. They tried to get other teachers in our school to quit too.
It was only by change we figured they were opening next to us. My wife had ran into the man at the education administration office filing paper work and over heard the conversation. Not only that the guy laughed at my mother in law when she confronted her and he told her "They disrespected me with and didn't pay me what I deserves. The truth was we offered him a managers position with a payment of 2.8mil with bonus of 100,000won for every 5 students past 100. He couldn't handle it, and asked to be demoted so we allowed it. Am I being disrespectful? I am sorry was that too low for 2 hours of class time and 6 hours of office time? Someone tell me was I unreasonable? I was even nice to those two the entire time cause I knew what a shitty boss was like. Never a thank you for anything including when I helped the guy when his aunt died and donated money. The woman disrespected my wife in a staff meeting openly and when we talked it out somehow we became the bad people when we weren't around and they talked behind our backs.
So comes down to this. Made them sign an NDA before leaving. They stole our student contact information list by typing it in their personal phone, every employee has a school work phone and taking anything out is totally not allowed. They are trying to steal our students by walking around the streets talking to them and handing them fliers and they stole our system cause I saw their hagwon flier was an exact copy of our school system. Called the lawyer for a cease and desist order but Korean law is so weak in this I can't do much else. I have evidence but everyone is telling me to let this go its going to be a long drawn out battle that will destroy everyone including myself. As a foreigner there isn't much I can do, my wife and I are busy now preparing for the new year and having to replace the teachers and all our energy is taking care of our teachers and students. We've double in size now as a hagwon.
In addition, in a neighboring hagwon, another Korean director, who we knew in the past, is claiming he is partnered with our school and tried to copy our name. The worst part is he's being sued for sexual harassment by an ex employee. We only know this because they people suing him came to our school mistakenly thinking we were partnered and showed us the pictures of him forcing himself on a employee. My ex manager, who was stealing my paycheck when I was just a teacher, also tried to steal my hagwon name by opening her own in another district after we gained notoriety. (Our school name is based on our actual name so its unique to us, for others why they named their school the same is weird.)
To say I am disappointed in teachers and the directors in Korea is an understatement. When did education become so toxic that people lose their morals and all sense of decency. Maybe I am naïve for thinking as a director I can be kind. In all this I will still try to be reasonable. If you made it this far down thank you for hearing my story. I hope to share the dark side of the industry and hope you all have a much better time.
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2021.11.28 02:09 scarletperson An AI’s rendition of Kurt

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2021.11.28 02:09 DGamesYT NEW PREMIERE PRO BETA AUDIO REMIXING (why aren't people talking about this???)

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2021.11.28 02:09 EnvironmentalWeb6444 Romanian Nuclear power development

World Nuclear News: First contract signed for Cernavoda completion : New Nuclear. https://www.world-nuclear-news.org/Articles/First-contract-signed-for-Cernavoda-completion
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2021.11.28 02:09 ConnerKent5985 Flux will retcon The Timeless Child mythos

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2021.11.28 02:09 ClcokPetSim pls anyone got a priv server for gem farm me on chrome book

Anyone have a private server for gem farm. I'm gonna lag hard bc I'm on chrome book
pwease anyone?
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2021.11.28 02:09 tobago_88 TRHUGT Shows how editing really does make someone look a certain way

This has been discussed many times on housewives and I believe the general consensus through the years is that "you did that" regardless of editing so you can't blame editing; however, I still think editing really does make some of these ladies seem different. For example, I've NEVER liked Kyle but on Allstars she's actually quit fun and pleasant. With Cynthia, I have been indifferent with her (but overall like her) and on Allstars she's very annoying and needy. I've always like Teresa and Kenya, but Allstars cemented my stan card with them. Melissa actually always annoyed me, but I found her to be really funny and slightly less annoying. Lastly I think Lu and Ramona seem most like what RHONY portrays them and are most consistent with what we've seen on their show.
Kenya also made a good point how she is the villain and just plays that role (she's said this on interviews before with Kandi's YT channel and some other interview) and it really shows. Most of the ladies love her on this show where on her own show she constantly has to prove herself to everyone over and over to everyone. Anyway I'm really loving Allstars and I hope they keep this relaxed format for the future seasons!
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2021.11.28 02:09 sakura_atori Teen Bookclub Book from Early 2010's

I read this book probably between 2009-2014, but I think it was actually wrote in the late 90's. I vaguely remember it was told from a male perspective and I think it was wrote in two different timelines, the present and maybe journal entries from the past? The only distinctive things I remember are that the boy spent a lot of time walking around and I think he was maybe being followed. There was a scene near the end of the book that took place underground, in a subway tunnel, I think. My friend who also read the book thinks it had something to do with serial killers. It was general fiction, scary, but with no fantasy. The title may have had the words "monster" or "run" or "chase" in it. Thanks for any help!
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2021.11.28 02:09 PatienceShort70 are bhai

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2021.11.28 02:09 icotonic 1.0 PPR Flex?

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2021.11.28 02:09 Dont_try_it7 im in a confusing situation

There's a girl in two of my classes that I have a crush on, we're both 16. Sorry this is long, I just wanted to provided detail if I could.
In the first class, there are two sets of three rows of desks, facing each other, and we face each other at an angle.
The teacher's desk is on my side, but by the other wall where the whiteboard is. She doesn't really have a reason to look towards me because of whats going on in class, but I would see her look my direction a couple times each class. It wasn't a lot of staring or anything, but more than normal. I tried to avoid eye contact so im not being creepy, but it would occasionally happen, and typcally we both looked away quickly.
This goes on for about two weeks, and there was a time when I was working in the hall alone, she looked back at me over her shoulder. Again we didn't make eye contact, but I was alone so I can't imagine she was looking at something else.
So, I go sit at her table in the the second class as she sits with a few of my friends, and we can move around to collaborate on worksheets. The first day, I ask the whole group if I should stay to do a mini presentation with them, or go back to my group. She's the first one to tell me to stay, but my friends do too. Normally she's quite shy around people she doesn't talk to, she'll talk really quietly and that sort of thing, so this kinda surprised me.
Over the following couple of weeks, I go to her table when we have worksheets. I could get her to laugh, but that was when everyone else laughed too. We've got a good bit in common, we both play soccer, we both have a lot of the same classes, that sort of thing. There was a time where a sub incorrectly said my last name, and she brought it up later when I went to her table. So, she's paying at least a little bit of attention to me even when I wasn't at her table. She also would lean over to watch if I was coming over to her table when my friends invited me over.
I see a lot of good signs, and I ask for her number after a class. She gives it to me, I immediately text her so she has my number. That weekend I text her asking a question about soccer, as it's something we have in common and we can start talking more outside of class. I get no response.
So, I think she's not interested and I messed something up. But then she's staring even more in the first class. She'd glance over while laughing with her friends, she'd angle herself so she could face me, and she'd even lean up and over people at times to take a glance, and I noticed her messing with her hair sometimes, something I didn't previously notice. Again, I avoided directly looking at her as I thought she didn't want to talk to me and I didn't want to be weird.
A week goes by of this, but we moved tables in the second class so I no longer have an excuse to talk to her. I do manage to catch her before lunch one day, and I asked her why she didn't respond. She said she was at a soccer game so she couldn't text back, and apologized quite a bit. That doesn't really make sense why she couldn't text back later.
Another week goes by, and I decide to text her again, as I don't think I'll have a chance to randomly talk to her, and I have no other choice. I ask her if she didn't respond because she didn't want to talk to me, and tell her I don't mind if thats the case. Again, no response.
That was a thursday, and the day after she's staring waaaay more, and its pretty excessive. With the new seats in the second class, when she turns her head to look at the board she has an angle to look at me before she looks at the board. When im looking at the board I see her in my peripheral vision, and every single time she looked to the board from her notes and back, she paused for a moment when she had an angle to look at me.
I am not exaggerating here, even though I wasn't directly looking at her, I could clearly she her head turned towards me, she was touching her hair a lot, and sometimes looked at something irrelevant like a wall after she paused for a moment, and sometimes staring for several seconds. Again, I never made eye contact as I thought she didn't want to talk to me.
This goes on for the following week, just toned down a bit. She's still messing with her hair frequently, and glancing over very frequently. We get off wednesday for thankgiving, so I finally decided I should try to talk to her before the break. I stare back that tuesday to get her attention, we made eye contact a few times and I'm pretty sure she noticed.
She left the first class a good before I did, but she was walking usually slowly and ended up right in front of me. I still was unsure of what she was thinking, so I just chickened out and slowed down too. After the second class we both go the same way again, so I figure I'll just try to talk to her then. I usually leave first, but this time some people I know wanted to talk about a recent test. She was about to leave behind me, but sees this and stops to look at her phone. As the group leaves, she follows, and I see her staring at me the whole time when I look over my shoulder at my friend. I figure I'd just wait for the group to leave to talk to her, but she goes home early. So, I feel like and idiot for letting the opportunity slip twice.
Based on that, is she interested or not, and just being weird? I know all I can do is actually talk to her, I'd just like to see if someone else has a better understanding of wth is going on.
Normally i'd just let it go by now, but she's a very nice person, she's also in like the top 1% of kids both academically and athletically, like she probably has an equal chance of getting into a D1 college for soccer or a 10% acceptance rate school. Plus, she's very pretty so if I have a shot I definitely dont want to quit before I figure out what's going on.
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2021.11.28 02:09 animalonplanet It's not easy being unable to speak when your hungry and thirsty, if you cant give, at-least don't hurt them please 😥

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2021.11.28 02:09 B33ZYMCFR3SH having trouble with girls.. :/

I’m 24(F) (fem -but only look wise *long hair *good at makeup *dresses & all) i am in an open hetro relationship- we’re not looking for a third & he s side isn’t open but I am looking for a girl to idk, explore/date/fwb .. (his idea to open up my side & I was super happy) anyways half of me feels so unsatisfied without a feminine partner.. a soft touch & alllll that- but I’m having THE WORST luck even talking to girls.. With men it’s easy, it’s natural & I’ve never had a problem with them, actually the opposite- they think I’m flirting when I’m 100% not.. but with girls I just can’t figure it out. Some don’t like me because I’m bi, which is whatever, some/most I don’t even get the right vibes to “test the waters” I’ve partied & had one night stands that’s were great, but it was always a 1 time thing.. can I get some advise? Because my boyfriend says I’m too “intimidating” for them & that makes me feel.. conceded & not okay.. I told him thats not true, & if it was I’m not looking for a girl with the personality of a wet noodle anyways, but here I am- on the interweb asking strangers for help.. maybe I’m the wet noodle?(/s) I’m not quite sure what I’m not doing right but it’s something … Any tips, ideas, advise?
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2021.11.28 02:09 Mrxyzl For those who failed to defeat pure vessel

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2021.11.28 02:09 AnormaldudeSIMP I just found my old phone and oh my god

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2021.11.28 02:09 whippedcreamcheese Is it okay for me to wear these dreamcatcher earrings I have if I’m not Native American?

Indigenous people answer only please- basically I got these earrings a long long time ago from Utah and they were made by a local Native American artist, but I have read and understood lately that dream catchers are sacred and shouldn’t be appropriated. Is it okay for me to wear them?
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2021.11.28 02:09 bb532 My family is slowly killing my will to live

I 23F have five siblings, two older, three younger. 30F, 27M, 23F, 12F, 10M, 6F. I have had to help out with my younger siblings since I was 11. I changed diapers and bottle-fed all of my younger siblings. I've bathed them, put them to sleep, taken them to school, picked them up from school, rocked them to sleep, dealt with tantrums and autistic meltdowns from all of them. All while being autistic myself. My older siblings helped as well and more intensively but my older sister doesn't anymore. I'm 23 going to be 24 soon. I hate my life. I hate taking care of my siblings. Maybe I could handle it if I wasn't treated so terribly. My mom takes out her anger on me. She can't yell at the little ones so she does it to me. I'm called incompetent, filthy, lazy, she says I sleep all day, implies I'm useless and I'm not helping her. Anytime I also yell or insult her, im the bad guy. I'm mean and aggressive. Anytime I express anger at her wanting to go back to her abusive ex, she's says this is why I'm not her best friend, that I'm judgemental and angry. My little siblings treat like less than a person. My little sister expects I devote my all to her. Any less and I'm mean and I get insulted. I often get bruises from her. She doesn't seem to get when she kicks or hits me it hurts. I tell her that's wrong but she's says I deserve it. My dad is worse if I'm alone with him, I get berated and called a idiot, useless, stupid, lazy, fat. A few times this year I've been hit by him. I've been berated for 30 min straight before. Hes the opposite with my little siblings. He's nice and gives them affection and love. Since I'm the only one that's hurt by him, it's not a big deal to my mom or siblings. I take hour long walks with my dog to get away from them. Some days are worse than others. Today was. If I get sullen or upset after a particularly bad day. I get angerly asked why I'm angry. Or told to be more bright. I hate everyone in my family expect my older brother. He's the only I've ever felt actually cares about me. I'm just riding this out till I get my degree and can leave. Some days I just feel like ending it but I know I will have a better life, its just gonna take some time.
Tldr-My family treats me like less than a person. I hate those bitches. I'm gonna leave when I get my degree.
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2021.11.28 02:09 Impossible-Abroad-95 Pelos

Sendo sincero aqui o que vocês acham esteticamente falando sobre os pelos pubianos? E mais bonito com ou sem no pau ? Eu prefiro com porque quando eu tiro tudo parece se criança sla.
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2021.11.28 02:09 dinodigger30 What's your best/preferred/recommended gingerbread cookie recipe?

Never made gingerbread cookies before, so would love your recommendations! Links to recipes are fine or feel free to post your recipe in a comment.
Thanks all!!
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2021.11.28 02:09 Reasonable-Dirt- I never know what to say when my friends compare their weight to mine.

I'm a fairly petite, thin person--so I know that I have a lot of privilege because of that and that any discomfort I experience when people talk about weight is nothing compared to the fatphobia and body-shaming a lot of people face. That being said, most of my friends are bigger than me and several, especially two of my closest friends, often compare themselves to me in negative ways (saying things along the lines of "you're so thin and I'm so fat"). I never know what to say. Today I was shopping with the person I'm casually dating and she was debating buying a painting for another of our friends. I pointed out that I didn't like how the figure in the painting had an unrealistically thin waist, and she said, "Wow, I didn't know you were into body positivity. Well, I guess you must be, if you're with me." Later, she said, "Do you have a thigh gap? I've never actually seen someone with a thigh gap." What on earth do I say in these situations? I love my friends and hate hearing them put themselves down, but I don't know how to make it better.
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