What’s the best way to get through a break up?

Long Way Up DOCUMENTARY Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman journey to glorious landscapes across South and Central America on the backs of prototype electric Harley-Davidsons in the third series of the epic motorcycle adventure saga. What's Up, Tiger Lily?: Directed by Woody Allen, Senkichi Taniguchi. With Woody Allen, The Lovin' Spoonful, Frank Buxton, Louise Lasser. In Woody Allen's directorial debut, he took the Japanese action film Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Kagi no kagi (1965) and re-dubbed it, changing the plot to make it revolve around a secret egg salad recipe.

2021.10.24 18:19 dimiboi98 What’s the best way to get through a break up?

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2021.10.24 18:19 bob3638y Everyone when you talked about the drill:

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2021.10.24 18:19 pikachewyyy Special Shoutout to Legreg P4 miles clear of the Mclaren’s

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2021.10.24 18:19 HammyBammy1995 Question

Can baryon mode naruto defeat an Iishiki that didn’t need a vessel? If Isshiki was fully himself, no time limit. Specially with baryon mode taking his life force that he had left and stripping him from chakra. Would any of that been enough to handle a fully powered, long life span Iishiki?
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2021.10.24 18:19 legerdemania Don’t accept less than you deserve

The place I work for just made the minimum wage $18.50 for any certified tech. Pay goes up based on length of certification, degrees and other qualifiers. Good PTO and benefits. Don’t let a chain pay you $12.00 and call it fair.
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2021.10.24 18:19 heidlegf lol

the way i have to fight the urge every hour to post on this subreddit of how lonely and left out i feel with everything and everyone and despite the fact that i tried n managed to make new (nice) friends in college i feel like i wanna shut myself off, never go outside again and continue to cry about it on this subreddit i hate feeling like this i hate hate hate feeling like this
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2021.10.24 18:19 MattyG47 Can you capture objectives through walls?

I don't see anywhere where it says you have to be able to see an objective to capture it, so as long as you are within 2" of it you can cap an objective through a wall?
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2021.10.24 18:19 Mike551144 Help me where I got stuck on my course project!

so I am building a game that launches 3 games when you choose in the start the number of the game and the difficulty, I made that you can save user input to json file, but when I run the code and it gets to the "you have chosen:" it does now show the user input, appreciate if you'd take a look:

import json 
import pandas as pd from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
def next_level(): 
print('This is what you chose:') print(pd.read_json('input_data.json'))
def load_game(): name = str(input("Hello There! What is your name? ")) 
print(f"Hello {name} and welcome to the World of Games (WoG). \nHere you can find many cool games to play!") d = {} d['Game'] = str(input("Please choose a game to play: \n 1. Memory Game - a sequence of numbers will appear for 1 second and you have to guess it back. \n 2. Guess Game - guess a number and see if you chose like the computer. \n 3. Currency Roulette - try and guess the value of a random amount of USD to ILS. \n : ")) if d['Game'] > "3": print('num is invalid') return(main()) elif d['Game'] < "1": print('num is invalid') return(main()) d['Difficulty'] = str(input("Please choose game difficulty from 1 to 5: ")) if d['Difficulty'] > "5": print('num is invalid') return(main()) elif d['Difficulty'] < "1": print('num is invalid') return(main()) else: return(name, d), next_level()
out = {} def main(): 
while True: exit = str(input('Are you sure you want to play (y/n)? ')) if exit.lower() == "n": break elif exit.lower() != "y": print("Try again") else: name, d = load_game() out[name] = d
# I made a json to save input data 
with open('input_data.json', 'w') as f: json.dump(out, f, indent=2)
class WoG(ABC): 
class MemoryGame(WoG): pass
class CurrencyRouletteGame(WoG): pass
class GuessGame(WoG): pass
if name == "main": main()
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2021.10.24 18:19 KEVINBORR Men who have been in military how you deal with having almost no privacy? ( I am starting next week )

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2021.10.24 18:19 DrRwWwWrRr Nutter Butter:

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2021.10.24 18:19 Wing2710 Can someone please remove the creases on the “7” and straighten the 7, particularly near the bottom of it? Thanks

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2021.10.24 18:19 chamabc Get strong urge today

Today my beloved club was lost seriously and I'm sad, depressed. My brain wanna get some dopamine, and it raises the demanding. I recognize it and find some ways to delay the gratification, like read manga. After sometimes, the urge disappeared.
Now continue with my 26th day.
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2021.10.24 18:19 egstein01 Thoughts on corn chip?

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2021.10.24 18:19 druachu Any idea what the heck these are ?

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2021.10.24 18:19 PreviousAlarm6761 Trading level 13 clash royale account at 5700 trophies for a decent th11

The account has almost every legendary level 11, 11 max cards, level 13 with 5700 trophies. DM for pics/further details
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2021.10.24 18:19 thedjd24 [WTS] Zelos HORIZONS 200M 12HR SS Steel FROST 39mm

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2021.10.24 18:19 thelegoloser This just popped into my head.

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2021.10.24 18:19 Vex2K4 This is the real “Muta Phone”

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2021.10.24 18:19 Funny_me_hehe Am I right?

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2021.10.24 18:19 Y0urn4m3 Which Hoya do you guys prefer with this beautiful pot?

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2021.10.24 18:19 Fighteenjow How does TMJ gets fixed with the surgery (DJS/LJS/UJS)?

Especially with the surgery on a single jaw? For example, I have clicking and pain in my jaw. How does extending the bone actually fixes the problem? Is it being fixed while the braces wearing stage or it's fixed not just by extending the bone but also moving the whole assembly, by rotation, etc?
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2021.10.24 18:19 Triton12streaming I was told this belongs here

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2021.10.24 18:19 sunlit_cairn Our first renfaire (for a wedding) was a success!

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2021.10.24 18:19 Hatchet065 Hi there. I'd like you folks to size me up for a potential switch to an IT career.

I've been thinking about this for a while, now. I've had some aversion to getting in this career field for some reason or another but I'm really liking the idea and like to see what I need to do to get there.
I'm looking at federal jobs and one career field that constantly pings is for IT. They're pretty much open announcements because they're always looking for people. Apparently a lot of attrition, from what I'm told. Federal job announcements are very specific, but in my opinion possess nowhere near as much unobtainum as some would suggest.
For an Information Technology Specialist I'm gathering a candidate needs:
-A 4-year degree (with all the bells and whistles) OR paid / unpaid experience relating to IT - to include "intensive training". I'm told if I roll up into an interview with certs in Net+ and Sec+ I would probably get in. I know for a fact that there's one muppet in the IT section of the facility I'm looking at that only has an A+ cert and nothing else and he's making bank. Should I put more emphasis in getting my degree? I plan to eventually. My instinct says do it, but for this I should consider certs.
-Attention to detail. Having been a mechanic for many years, I think I'm pretty well to do. I've often been called "meticulous" and "a mercurial MF'er" by my supervisors. I also believe that automotive and IT have a lot in common. Diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repair are both very much in play with both, you just need to adjust your perspective from engine to CPU. Am I off on this?
-Customer Service. After I left the military I purposely punished myself by working at a gas station to develop beginner customer service skills, then I later worked in a dealership parts department where I not only made a good bit of bank in sales but also learned even more in customer service. To this day I get high marks in this. Probably because I never stop learning new and interesting ways to do it.
-Oral Communication. I routinely communicate with some of the most important people in my organization as well as other work units. Again, customer service being in play, I don't often have unhappy customers because they don't understand what I'm telling them.
-Problem Solving. Having been a mechanic for many years and alone with no friends or family, I've learned to solve problems pretty pro with little or no supervision or assistance. At several of my jobs I have been called in to serve as a makeshift IT tech. There's something to be said for working for boomers - a lot of them don't care, they just want the damn thing to work. I'm happy to oblige. Job Security.
So based off of what I've told you, do I have a shot in hell? Don't be afraid to scorch me. I'm a real "RTFM" type of guy and I'm sure I've got some karma to settle up.
Thanks much.
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2021.10.24 18:19 breezybz145 How's my apt view ? | F28

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