2021.10.24 19:21 old_story5500 Feelings

I think that rules>principles. Principles are kind of pretentious. But feelings>rules.
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2021.10.24 19:21 UpstairsNo605 When is the Persona 25th Anniversary Stuff supposed to start shipping out?

I’ve seen a couple people with their merch already but I’ve yet to find some sort of release date just that it was a pre-order
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2021.10.24 19:21 zariahzand GUYS I NEED HELP

I was working on an assignment and had my friend peer review it. I ended up submitting my assignment however she submitted hers a couple of days later. Guys when she showed me her work after she submitted it and I kid you not it was my work paraphrased. He literally copied my thesis and even used the same quote to support the argument! I asked him change the arguments and come clean to the prof because we might get called for academic dishonesty. I am really scared because I already have one violation of academic dishonesty on my record and this one will make it go on my transcript. I am hoping on going to grad school and this can jeopardize my whole future! I was going to tell the prof about what happened but I’m hesitant that I might get in trouble since the code of conduct states that “students are responsible for prevents their work from being used by others”. I feel like it will back fire on me even tho I had no part in this. Let me know what I should do.
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2021.10.24 19:21 philocoffee A community for posting pics/videos of scenes from your window.

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2021.10.24 19:21 WebNetSolving 📣CHIVES COIN XCC is The N° 1 on Chia™ Forks Marketcap • CHIVES COIN XCC has 52,9% of The Marketcap of All Chia™ Forks ! • CHIVES COIN XCC TO THE MOON !!! 😃 👍 🚀

📣CHIVES COIN XCC is The N° 1 on Chia™ Forks Marketcap • CHIVES COIN XCC has 52,9% of The Marketcap of All Chia™ Forks ! • CHIVES COIN XCC TO THE MOON !!! 😃 👍 🚀 submitted by WebNetSolving to chives [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 19:21 evmaisel This group motivated me to pull out my PS2. Look at these games I have. Which is the best?

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2021.10.24 19:21 fitnesslover899 Hello! I am currently studying Religion as a year study and I’d highly appreciate if you answer some of my questions below. I’m open for links and information that you may present to me!:)

I am writing an essay about the relationships between men and woman within Christianity, Judaism and Islam. So I would like opinions, links to websites about information or something that will educate me to write.
My questions are:
1) what are the views on religious authority? (How do people view religious authority as for an example how people would see God as the supreme ruler.)
2) how is the relationship between the two genders in public and in private spaces? (Is it for an example that out in public that you and your significant other is more modest or open? And in private, there’s no filter? As it’s just you two).
3) as a follow up on question 2, how is it also when it comes to religious rituals and marriages, are they public or private?
I hope you understand what I am asking here! My essay needs to be in by Monday 25th October 23:59 so I’d appreciate all the information I can get!!
Thank you so much for reading!!!!
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2021.10.24 19:21 MillionTarget Im pulling up my 2021-2022 QB Experience thread now for all those who make up lies and doubt me

Lets see if I had Atlanta -2 or -3?
Lets also see if I played Atlanta ML
Things are looking pretty good. That's all I gotta say.
Are you ready? Handshakes when you witness the truth. Stop making a.s.s.is. out of yourselves.

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2021.10.24 19:21 Wogopi I made a beedrill skin, this is one of my first skins. Any tips for making them? How should I do shading

I made a beedrill skin, this is one of my first skins. Any tips for making them? How should I do shading submitted by Wogopi to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 19:21 Professional-Risk-80 El Sacho

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2021.10.24 19:21 QuiteDizzy Trading/Selling Potion!

Offer please, Thanks!
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2021.10.24 19:21 IttyBittyWeenieDog Unstable continuous fitness?

I’m not sure if it’s just me, so I want to start a discussion that revolves around this.
I’ve noticed that I, throughout my life (now 35); would go in workout and diet stints. Longest “life style change” lasted for 5/6 years and probably my most stable yet.
Recently, I’ve noticed that I would be good for 5 months, then eat at a caloric surplus and not workout for 3-4 months, then start again. I’m not binging nor gaining a crazy amount of weight during my lull (5-7lbs max), but I’m wondering if this is hormonal? Sometimes this starts certain months when my period is HELL on earth, so maybe there is a correlation?
Anyway, I want to know a) does this sound like you? B) why do you think this happens? OR
A) you have no clue what I’m talking about and b) list things you do to make sure you stay on track for a healthy lifestyle
Any and all advice, best practices, understanding a woman’s body etc etc is much appreciated!
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2021.10.24 19:21 Saltyist_Cake For anyone who is feeling lonely and would like a friend? I am here for you! :)

For anyone who may still be feeling lonely and would like a friend I would love to be there for you. If you like good puns and tea I think we will get along well!
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2021.10.24 19:21 Almym You know what I mean

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2021.10.24 19:21 Lil_Sticc Mizkif got a pink eye

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2021.10.24 19:21 BirdieBronze [Art Breeder] map idea. A foggy environment to put flash hiders to use.

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2021.10.24 19:21 Lugburz95 Is our new transfer sheet included in the combat patrol?

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2021.10.24 19:21 Past_Reality_1909 Who to choose for LOR?

I am applying to PhD programs. I have done 2 research internships at outside universities so I will get LOR's from both of them. I'm debating who to choose for my third LOR. My first option is a lecturer at my school. I've had a number of classes with her and did well in all of them but didn't do research with her. She is a very nice person and is always willing to help students so I think she could write a good LOR but I don't know her super well. My other option is a manager from an internship (not related though) I did two years ago who I worked pretty well with and also has a good LOR.
If I'm only allowed to submit three, would it be best to get a rec from the lecturer or industry boss?
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2021.10.24 19:21 theonetheonlybiscuit (NA) (lvl 24, 2nd wipe) LF gamers to play with.

I’m 21 and only have one other friend that plays this game. Looking for people to possibly duo/trio with. I’m comfortable with every map minus labs. Not that great. Pretty casual. Just tryin to game. Add me on discord if ur down @ SketchyMF#3352.
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2021.10.24 19:21 Mikalitta William - New Date

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2021.10.24 19:21 night_chill The Cycle: Earth, After. part 1

Earth, After. part 1: Maria
Maria waited at the same table where she sat every fourth day for the last 3 months. There, dressed in the simple military standard issue clothing they had supplied her with, she wondered how many more times she would have to do this.
The room was always the same, cold bare cement walls, devoid of any decoration, apart from what was clearly a two-way mirror, well lit, with a simple metallic table and two chairs. Its sterility was almost threatening but she knew better now, the first time had been dreadful, now it was just tedious.
The interrogation would go as it always goes, the same questions, in the same order, the same repetitive, annoying routine. Then it would be over and she would be taken to the house she and the kids were living in right now in relative freedom. She didn't know where she was although it was obviously some military base still in the Great Lakes region, they hadn't traveled that far since they had caught them just outside of the Bruce Peninsula Park. Still, after that first initial contact with these people, everyone was now extremely polite and helpful, most of the soldiers even smiled at the children, and even if she didn't feel exactly free, she felt protected. Captivity was more than a sore subject to her, but she knew these people didn't mean her, or the kids, any harm.
The door opened and "David Brown" entered.
Fairly tall and slender, the black-haired, slightly salt-and-pepper, man made his way into the room, giving his customary nod and sitting and the table opposite from her. He adjusted his cashmere blazer and ran his hand down his thin tie before reaching for his briefcase. His slim, almost pianist-like hands handled the brown leather bag with dexterity, removing from it the now all-to-familiar blank notepad, black and yellow pencil, and pair of glasses. He set the briefcase down, next to his chair, and methodically arranged the pad and pencil until they were perfectly parallel with each other, placed the wire-thin glasses on his face and looked up at her and smiled, that same dry, mechanical, emotionless smile.
Even after all this time, and all the evidence that she was in fact safe here, something about that smile still made her feel on edge.
"Good morning Mrs. Ramos." he started, and Maria found it weird, it was the first time he had used her ex-husband's name, he had only used miss Galarza during her entire stay here.
"Good morning Mr. Brown." she replied, boringly.
"if you please could you recount, to the best of your recollection, the events that transpired in the park?" Brown asked, in that soft voice of his, whose accent was neither Canadian, American, or British, but seem to slightly borrow from all of those depending on the word, making it impossible to even try to guess where the man was from. Maria sighed and started to re-tell the story, the same one she had been telling over and over since she sat at this table for the first time, and Brown started taking notes every now and then as usual.
After she ended what was now almost a practiced speech, he readjusted his glasses, and spoke, "Thank you, Mrs. Ramos."
There it was again, this man was so methodical, there was no way this was a mistake again, Maria's nose started smelling something fishy.
"Now, Mrs. Ramos, if you don't mind, could you describe, to the best of your ability, the creatures involved?" the question was the same as it had always been but "Mrs. Ramos" had popped up again, and Maria decided to alter their monotonous routine.
"No." she said, leaning back on the chair and crossing her arms. Brown looked up at her from above his glasses, raising his perfectly shaped eyebrows. He straightened his back, keeping his hands still on the table, using the least movement possible.
"May I ask why?" he said, in a tone that betrayed nothing.
"It's the first time in the past three months that you refer to me as Mrs. Ramos, and you don't seem the type of person to make that kind of mistake, not without a reason. and I want to know why!" she said, trying to sound as confident as possible.
Brown smiled, that same artificial smile that bothered her, and laid down his pencil, adjusting it perfectly as he always did. He let out a half-whispered "humm" then stood up, removed the coat of his charcoal 3-piece suit, placing it on the back of his chair, making sure it would be immaculately symmetrical, before sitting again and loosening his grey tie, a single drop of imperfection in a perfectly curated appearance,
"Very well Mrs. Ramos. there have been some... developments in the outside world that have forced a revision to our plan." his accent still felt artificial but it seemed somewhat less cold.
"At first we were planning to make sure we got all the relevant intel and make you sign a non-disclosure, possibly relocate you if you wished, but that would be all, these events, contrary to popular belief, are a first for us, and we intended to keep it contained." he said, almost jovially. "There were several videos taken from afar from phones and the like of the... vehicles in question, but those are easily discredited as fake and/or conspiracy theories. But...." he continued, removing his glasses and setting them on the table next to the pad and opposite of the pencil, perfectly parallel. "Now, there is a complication."
"Which is?" Maria asked, she knew they would want this a secret, that was blatantly obvious, but as long as the children were safe, she wouldn't really care, they had just lost their father, no sense in going on a quest to reveal "The Truth" and make their lives even harder.
"National fucking Geografic!" Brown said, swearing for the first time since they had met.
"Uh?" Maria asked, completely dumbfounded.
"Long story, but in short... an award-winning photographer with a 4k camera and telescopic lenses was somewhat near the area and now we have pictures of the event in every magazine and tv screen." Mr. Brown sighed, "And they are so detailed you can see the pores in Sgt Ramos's face... it's out there now, and there's no way to contain it."
"I still don't understand." Maria asked, sure it was probably a lot of trouble to these people but what the hell had this to do with her name?
David Brown scratched his forehead for a second, "Since this started there had been a rise in what we are calling human supremacy groups, it was mostly a joke at first but now we have been monitoring some worrisome trends. more violent-prone people joining, a bigger level of organization, a shift in speech from safety to more offensive responses... It's getting complicated."
"What does that have to do with my name Mr. Brown?" Maria asked, trying to hide her concern under a veneer of annoyance.
"I'm getting to it." he answered calmly, although that fake smile of his didn't grace his lips.
"As I said there has been a rise in such movements, right now the bigger ones are the Terran Militia, the Children of Eden, and the Custodians, although the most worrisome is the Humanity First, Yes!, Unlike the others, the HF,Y! is actually building a very solid base in several countries at once, and is getting political backing, even if not official yet, due to having attracted some children of high profile people. So we need you, Mrs. Ramos."
"For?" Maria asked, the fact that he was still referring to her as Ramos still not making sense to her.
"These movements we have been tracking seem to be attracting some... cross-pollination, as it were, from more violent hate groups since the pictures were made public, and we want to put a stop to it. We are planning to reveal Sgt Ramos's identity to the public, and we would like to introduce his family as well. His children and... his wife." Brown said, adding inflection on that last word.
"I'm not his wife anymore." Maria said, although it still stung to say such a thing.
"We can make the paperwork disappear, that's hardly a problem." Brown said, smiling.
"But why?"
"Sgt Ramos was a first-generation Canadian, son of a Brazilian father and a Japanese mother, and married with an Equatorian refugee. And because he was a highly decorated member of the armed forces, honorably discharged after being W.I.A. we believe that will break down those less favorable links to white supremacists. After all, if the hero your organization rallies behind isn't actually white, even if he would look white enough for some to disregard it to further their goals, having his wife, and children, not being so... light-skinned, well.... let's just say it will help keep some of the worst offenders out and halt contamination of those movements." Mr. Brown smiled, this time a wicked, pleased one.
Maria's face must have betrayed her discomfort, and anger at being seen as a tool, because he continued, "Look, I understand this is... overwhelming, but we are just trying to keep things under control, these groups are going to grow, of that we are terribly sure, but we don't want these organizations to become too violent or too hate-based, if they do things are going to change, and for the worst." he sighed, but it was too artificial still, too trained, "The reality is that we need you to help contain this. The truth is out, aliens exist and they aren't nice, and people are really scared, but if this keeps going like it is now, those things won't need to come to destroy us, this will escalate until we do the work for them. so what do you say? Will you be Mrs. Ramos again?"
Maria took a breath and looked into David Brown's eyes before speaking.
"Will my family be safe?"
"Your family is safe, and that will not change, no." He answered, seemingly honest.
"Then... make those papers disappear I guess." she said, her stomach tightening up, she hoped she wouldn't regret this decision.
"Great!" Mr. Bronw said, smiling warmly, this time genuine.
"We have work to do."


P.S. Hello again! Sorry it took a bit more, but the previous people living in my new place decided to wreck it just before leaving so my partner and I have been cosplaying as construction workers. Between that, my health issues, and getting the kids used to the new routines and all, I barely had time to write. so TLDR my upload schedule is still going to be spotty for some time, maybe a month or two before I got all my stuff sorted enough that I can start writing periodically again.
Cya around and hope you can bear with me.
All the best
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2021.10.24 19:21 crazynippleboy My new (to me) Caloi 10 Sprint

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2021.10.24 19:21 _ROBEAST_ Picked up this Zombie Dust pale ale for tonight and can't help but feel there's some Ghost influence.

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2021.10.24 19:21 richboyadler cayo perico

just out of curiosity ! how many attempts did it take for you to complete the heist for the first time ? I did the heist first time last night and it took me 3 attempts to finish the heist
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2021.10.24 19:21 Hummus_Savor [FREE FOR PROFIT] tyler the creator x freddie gibbs type beat - "tool"

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