Why are devs anonymous? how safe is that for investors? specially given the fact that devs can change the contract at will?

2021.10.24 19:53 spacetime-field Why are devs anonymous? how safe is that for investors? specially given the fact that devs can change the contract at will?

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2021.10.24 19:52 Fawxhox Just received a gift of (I think) 866,666 red bloodpoints?

I just logged in for the first time in a few months and I got a message that I just received 866,666 bloodpoints (pretty sure that was the amount, but didn't get a screen shot so I'm not positive). Any idea why that might be?
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2021.10.24 19:52 vagoscorbero Tokyo & Nairobi: Flashback Scene PT5


The acting, the dialogue, the music... one of the best scene in the whole show.

"I'll stay and live forever" ❤️
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2021.10.24 19:52 Accurate-Ad-3334 Legendary raid on me

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2021.10.24 19:52 watermelondreaa Whoever said to look at teaching as a paycheck, thank you.

I truly believed that being a teacher meant that I could positively impact my community. The belief that I’d be able to help the kids thrive really motivated to change careers and pursue education. At first I didn’t care about the extra time spent preparing for each week, but eventually I started to dread the end of the week.
While lurking I read a post from someone that said to look at education and being a teacher as nothing more than a paycheck. Truly, that changed my life.
Since reading that post, I’ve stopped going above and beyond to do my job and it’s helped me regain my stability. I stopped taking stuff home for grading and exclusively worked on things while I was on campus.
It’s cleared my mind and made all my stress disappear which has helped me be able to dedicate more time to building new connections and maintain preexisting bonds with friends and family.
I stopped feeling like I had to be a correctional officer and just let things happen on their own. Phone use would really bother me at the start, but now I truly just feel indifferent about.
I’m just so at peace in and out of the classroom that it’s all just been wonderful.
Thank you whoever you are. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me now that I’m in my second-year.
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2021.10.24 19:52 Due-Habit-6525 Go head and buy b4 it gets taken!👍🏽

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2021.10.24 19:52 Danzarotti Inescapable Past, Act 6: Act Your Age


A few months after Black Arms, Amy bumps into Shadow outside Station Square after a life-altering morning. They part ways, but the new GUN Commander's thirst for revenge will leave Shadow depending on the 12-year-old hedgehog for his very survival. Elsewhere, a tragedy strikes at the heart of the resettled Freedom Fighters' close-knit community.
AO3 Act 6 (Act 1)
FFN Act 6 (Act 1)
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2021.10.24 19:52 KOUZE_ 18+

Chcesz trochę pofapać? Proszę bardzo oto ten link zaspokoi twoje potrzeby https://discord.gg/X27SVw2PYQ
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2021.10.24 19:52 ComfortableBad3964 Quien lo quiera lo tengo 🔥

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2021.10.24 19:52 RedditJw2019 Question: connecting Partybox 1000 to others using RCA output

Question: using the RCA output on the Partybox 1000, will it work if I connect the L output to one Partybox 310’s aux input, and the R output to another Partybox 310’s aux input (using RCA to 3.5 mono cables)?
And if I connect that way, will I essentially have a left audio Partybox 310, a right audio Partybox 310, and a L & R Partybox 1000?
Background: I currently have two 310s. For movies outside, I am considering adding a 1000 in the center, and the 310s on the side. The goal is to provide more powerful sound while maintaining stereo effects.
Thanks. It seems to me like it would work, but thought I’d check here before picking up a 1000. I also considered only hooking up one 310 through cables, then TWS the other 310, but I am guessing there will be a slight delay.
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2021.10.24 19:52 mikeduh_mico Best coffee maker.

I'm thinking of getting a coffee maker my truck. I have a 1500w inverter.
Any suggestions or recommendations?
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2021.10.24 19:52 tyllyn If you look close enough, the Bubbling Cauldron has a spooky message inside - "Texture not found"

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2021.10.24 19:52 eggylopez I’m a half Chinese and half Mexican woman.

But I’m very Asian presenting. It’s such a drag whenever I speak Spanish towards other Latinos/Hispanics and they visually looked confused. I know most of the time they don’t mean anything wrong but I’ve been told “but your eyes are chinky” way too many times. It gets old especially when I’m a server in a Hispanic/Latino part of town.
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2021.10.24 19:52 lilakey ALGS meta thoughts as a wattson player

thought this could prompt some discussion so i'm posting it here:
it's kinda wild to watch ALGS and see three characters that wattson counters be the meta comp, and still have her be completely unviable in pro play. (even if her ult worked in the current patch) just goes to show how outshined she is by caustic/gibby as a defense legend.
current meta summed up: valkyrie, caustic, gibraltar. (sometimes wraith, octane or fuse are swapped in) -playing for spots in ring -hard-holding buildings + chokes after rotating early -grenade flushing teams + gib/valk/caustic ults and tacticals everywhere -extremely limited shield resources -poke damage to level evo not to mention these are all incredibly coordinated teams - the best of the best.
this is prime wattson territory, yet she just has way too many weaknesses even in her ideal meta. watching team after team be obliterated by ability + nade spam and still have wattson with a 0% pickrate is just.. sad honestly.
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2021.10.24 19:52 A_Hidden_Squid Hey guys, just finished the game and loved it. I saw the trailer for Silksong. Any idea where we’re at with that game in terms of release window? Ty

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2021.10.24 19:52 RLCD-Bot [Grey Octane] [Black Octane: Turtle Tribe] [Crimson Rad Rock] [Crimson Zowie: Infinite]

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2021.10.24 19:52 dippydoppyboyo Vnornksh with the besties

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2021.10.24 19:52 TheRealMorph I fed an AI algorithm a brain and made it turn into video games. Know them all? [Reveal in Comments]

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2021.10.24 19:52 szarzujacy_karczoch [For entertainment purposes only] GPD shill feels threatened by SD. Just something i found and thought i'd share so you could have a laugh

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2021.10.24 19:52 alottanotathing Everyone may be happier if the Christmas tradition of gift-giving only applied to getting gifts for children once you're married (+/- gift between spouses)

I know this may be the norm in some families and in smaller families, this may not be as big of a deal, but because I married into a family where our traditions differ, it's just so anxiety-producing to navigate. I mean, maybe I'm selfish or just a perfectionist, I don't know, but it would be nice to have that norm be set so I don't have to feel rude or stingy each year. Anyone else feel this way? If not, I am thrilled that you to not have to deal with any anxiety over the holidays. Or please throw some cash my way 😜.
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2021.10.24 19:52 pottschittyk New snail mother seeking advice

Hey guys, so my friend had a mystery snail that was apparently pregnant when she got it and long story short she ended up with about 30 little ones. My roommate and I both took a baby but my roommate is gone for the weekend and I didn’t want it to die in the little tub it was brought home in so I put his in my new tank as well. My dad gave me some live plant from his tank that also happened to have yet another snail on it (so that makes 3 total but I plan to remove my roommate’s snail once he has everything for it).
My main question is how early do mystery snails start breeding? The one is about as long as a grain of rice and the other is about half that size. The one from my dad’s tank is a different species so I’m not worried about that, but I don’t want my babies having babies. I know they lay eggs above the water so I check for that, but if anyone can provide an approximation of how long my roommate has to get his shit together, that would be great! Also, feel free to throw in any other tips you have. I did a lot of research already and all 3 are currently active and eating so I think I have the basics down, but I’m open to anything you guys know as well.
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2021.10.24 19:52 chkenpooka Shortness of breath

Hello, I (39F) have hEDS, POTS, OSA, anxiety, asthma, and other probably non involved dx. I'm active as I can be and not overweight. My Ehlers Danlos was diagnosed and confirmed by two different geneticists.
Since mid September, I've had an intermittent shortness of breath. I'm not wheezing. It doesn't feel like my anxiety, although it is giving me anxiety. Xanax 0.25mg helps the anxiety, but before this, I only took it once a month or less. And it does not relieve the dyspnea.
It's not relieved by my rescue inhaler. I've only ever had mild intermittent asthma, diagnosed when I was a kid and confirmed this year. My oxygen saturation is always normal. It feels like I'm being choked by a baby. I've gone to the ER 3x, which is really embarrassing because they never find anything. CT, CXR, labs all normal. Once my DDimer was 0.57, that's why the did the CT. My eosinophils are low, so I don't think it's an asthma exacerbation.
I got a pulmonologist who recommended a sleepy study, pulmonary function test, and supine spirometry. PFT revealed variable extrathoracic obstruction, and was otherwise normal. Waiting on sleep study results. Pulm gave me a daily corticosteroid inhaler, arnuity. And she recommended I see an ENT. I have an appt next week. I also made one with a neurologist.
My last sleep study was 2 years ago, and only showed an AHI of 6. I got the study done because I had been waking up gasping occasionally. They prescribed a CPAP at the time, but I cannot tolerate it.
I know this is all over the place and I typed it on my phone. I was hoping you all could help me troubleshoot my body. Because this has been very uncomfortable and scary. I'm afraid of exercise and terrified I might cry and my throat will close. I know the docs will do their best but I thought I would reach out here as well. Thank you 😊
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2021.10.24 19:52 venetian_lemon How can I tell the difference between a panic attack and an actual heart attack?

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2021.10.24 19:52 SeatOk6347 [I ate] Box with dried sausage, bacon, dried fruit, cheese, pistachio, almond and crackers

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2021.10.24 19:52 International-Pop381 When I was 15 I...

Aggressively masturbated to pictures of my dad. Everyday I got home from school, set up my laptop and began. When I was 17 he passed away and we got him creamated. Ashamed to say that I used his ashes as powder on my stroker in order to masturbate easier. Cried everytime so Im not a complete psycho. Please don't judge me as this was very difficult to share.
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