"We haven't had any customers in 20 years"

2021.10.24 18:29 ImNotDahKid2196 "We haven't had any customers in 20 years"

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2021.10.24 18:29 screenshotofdispair Shaq wins the US GP ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen 👏

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2021.10.24 18:29 Frostillicuz Decarboxylating on a lazy Sunday.

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2021.10.24 18:29 egbertian413 The Outsider Works in Mysterious Ways

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2021.10.24 18:29 AmyOak Lego copper golem

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2021.10.24 18:29 anxiousgirl2004 how can I improve my drawings? (Make them look more realistic)

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2021.10.24 18:29 CallMeMark0 Just won the Deagle gold anybody got tips and loadouts for the magnum I'm doing dragon and splinter for it!

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2021.10.24 18:29 iamluciferscousin667 My grandpa got his new set of dentures and he's being an asshole.

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2021.10.24 18:29 madcaest Cursed shift knob (or door handle)

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2021.10.24 18:29 Cropitekus Hundreds march through London demanding Julian Assange's release

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2021.10.24 18:29 AG4ADDICT It’s a Việt Cộng type of day

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2021.10.24 18:29 Barteks1 God fucking damn it

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2021.10.24 18:29 TheEndOfZer0 Some help required involving Stud.io, a few technic pins, and a few standard 1x2 bricks.

Hello! I just installed Stud.io, and need a little help. I'm trying to build something, but I need to put 1/2 technic pins into the undersides of standard 1x2 bricks. Here's where my problem comes in: the pins appear to be unable to go into the brick, no matter what I try. How do I do this? Is there some trick to this or something?
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2021.10.24 18:29 burnafterreading_569 Are these red flags?

Sorry I had to do a throw-away account because I am terrified of my therapist reading this.
I’ve been in psychodynamic therapy for a two years through my work insurance.
The relationship with my T feels very very bumpy. There’s a lot of transference which was discussed at lengths, at the same time I don’t know if I am crazy or these are some major red flags.
I know these are super out of context and it’s hard for anyone to say for sure, but I really don’t know what to do anymore. I need a second opinion.
So potential red flags?

  1. Sent artwork (that we discussed about during session (started painting in lockdown) ) at her professional email address(listed on her website) and was reprimanded for breaking the contract which stipulated only phone contact.
  2. Ignored past self-harm disclosure and accused me of using the disclosure as an excuse to change the subject.
  3. I asked her a few times to be more validating because I grew up with an alcoholic dad which constantly put me down and which shaped my entire view upon manhood. She said that if she validates me, it would be effective only short term but long term I will still have a very low self-esteem.
  4. I asked to go over the boundaries because the email situation was very hurtful. She said that I’m just doing that because I am people pleasing and always trying to get on their good side but at the same time I manage to ignore my needs and emotions. So I took it as a “just let me handle my boundaries”. On my birthday I brought candy (it’s customary in my country to share candy on your birthday with people) and she said: “why are you trying to change the way we do therapy?”
  5. I feel constantly like I’m not good enough to be her patient. A lot of sessions are ended with: “but these aren’t your real feelings” “but this is not what you feel”, always hinting that I am hiding things from her. I suspected this to be transference so we discussed it and she seemed offended at the idea that I felt it like she is demanding me to be different. She insists on her role as a completely neutral observer.
  6. She has these moments almost every session where she is completely quiet and stares at me. She doesn’t reply even if I ask her something directly. I told her that it makes me feel uncomfortable but she keeps doing it, culminating with her being quiet in the last two sessions 20-30 min out of the 50 min session.
  7. I begged her crying to lend me a hand in order to access these “suppressed emotions” she keeps saying I have, to which she said “If I give you what you ask, it will never be enough”. I burst again in tears and asked “can you at least try???” She went quiet for the rest of the session with me crying the whole time.
  8. I went into childhood trauma about my dad and how I was beaten and cut once with a beer bottle. I was crying and shaking the whole time. She started crying as well. I felt bad for making her cry. I told her that I am sorry that she is crying because of me. She seemed to just notice her tears and said “time’s up” and dismissed me even though we still had 5 minutes. I thought that maybe she felt embarrassed to cry in front of me. Next session, I proposed that when I go again into trauma, for her to allocate 10 min for grounding before I leave. She said: “don’t you have a watch? Look at your watch next time.”
  9. I told her one day. After gathering inhumane amount of courage: “I am afraid to lose you. I love you so much and I am terrified at being abandoned by you. I know you don’t feel the same but I had to take it out.” To which she said nothing. She didn’t acknowledge it in any way, she didn’t say “don’t worry, it’s normal” or “cool story, bro”. Nothing. We focused on me feeling anxious when confessing feelings.
  10. I asked her if she has negative counter transference because of my NPD diagnosis to which she said “you’re focusing too much on me and my reactions. I am a neutral observer.” always dodging a straight answer.
I know all of these are super abstract and out of context. I also know that I might misinterpret her behavior because of my past trauma, however when I ask if I misinterpreted her behavior or intentions, she goes quiet and stares.
I don’t know what to do anymore. Changing therapists through insurance is a major b*ch in my country. Also at the same time I am so incredibly attached to her and so terrified of her terminating me that only the idea of going to someone else terrifies me….
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2021.10.24 18:29 Born-Rest5785 CL

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2021.10.24 18:29 Alternative-Code5978 Surfing and Africa is a good workout

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2021.10.24 18:29 PearkerJK12 No matter what I do my guppy won’t stop being bloated. I have fed peas multiple times and have gone days without feeding. What else can I do?

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2021.10.24 18:29 Josephine_Wakelam MUSICAL FILM

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2021.10.24 18:29 Drose669 🌸 50% OFF PRICES get a chance to fix your mmr or improve it for season 12 Kai Boosts brand New offers better quality less prices 🌸 All ranks | All REGION | Duoq 🌸

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2021.10.24 18:29 ejord2284 What’s your fave place to get Hoyas? I’ve only found 1 at a local place & purchased 1 online. I just love them & want more!

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2021.10.24 18:29 moonkingdome Now Time is pushings the old geezers to buy crypto: How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: A Guide for New Crypto Investors.. Will this work?

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2021.10.24 18:29 guernicaa One shot J&J vaccine protection drops from 88% to 3% after 5 months

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2021.10.24 18:29 corgi_angel Places in mind where characters were put into while being possessed

Just wanna share my opinion about those fake places and the way they suited the characters
All three of the TFW 1.0 at this point has been possessed by archangels oand angels and there always were places in mind where they were put so they didn't try to fight them. And I just really like those fake places as they can tell so much about the characters.
Dean. I was actually surprised that he's dreamed about having a bar but it makes perfect sense and is actually a good reminder of Roadhouse. It's kinda a mix of normal and hunter life. And I really like it. Dean has come a long way and has been through a lot but each time when he was about to die or having hope that this world may let him and Sam have some rest he was talking about normal life things that he wanted to try. But in s6 we've seen that at the same time he couldn't live without hunt. So it was great to see some sort of balance between the two.
Cas. He was in the bunker watching tv. Really a great way to show that he has felt by that moment that he belonged to that family, bunker became his home and his I suppose happy place. The only place he was actually welcomed. And action of watching tv at that point was his way to escape from his actual problems. He was doing the same thing when he was recovering from Rowena's spell, was broken and didn't want to face the real world until Metatron made him to do so. Very well made.
Sam. I like how for him it was a bunker and a case. At that moment he's already known that 'normal life' wasn't for him. He is a hunter and is Man of Letter that loves doing a lot of research. That what his life was and this was where he belonged to and wanted to be.
Sorry for this post being so long. I just really like to try to go deep into the things spn showed
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2021.10.24 18:29 ScarLast1729 U.K. this week, virgin 20

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2021.10.24 18:29 distantdreamer27 Accountability Buddy

...I need an accountability/motivation buddy.. I weigh 330lbs.. my long term goal weight is 180lbs. Is anyone else on a similar path as me? I'm doing a weird mixture of counting calories and ww points.. I'm eating clean foods.. avoiding processed foods with few exceptions.. and also avoiding breads ect. we don't necessarily have to have the same plan or anything. I'm an overly busy mom with way too much on my plate... no pun intended. I'm finding it hard to stay motivated and to stay on track.. I don't really feel like I'm losing..
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